Reducing our environmental impact

Together with its partners, Concordia Maritime engages in systematic, long-term work on minimising the impact. There is a strong focus on ensuring efficient fuel and energy use. Activities and measures include continuous monitoring of vessels’ energy consumption, and systems and routines that enable speed and route optimisation based on weather conditions, demurrage, bunker costs and customer needs. The work includes procedures related to operation at sea, as well as waiting in port.

Concordia Maritime’s own environmental impacts are emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur and nitrogen oxides and harmful particles associated with bunker fuel consumption. In addition, there is also a potential risk of spreading organisms as a result of the discharge of ballast water. In both areas, work is carried out to reduce or completely eliminate the environmental impact.


Reduce emissions from operations

  • Energy management
  • Route planning based on real time data
  • Technical measures to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Evaluation of alternative fuels and CCS (carbon capture and storage)

Reduce the impact on the marine environment

  • Installation of ballast water treatment systems
  • Routines to reduce the risk of oil spills
  • Reduction of discharges of waste water
  • Phasing out single-use plastic

Take responsibility for vessels’ life cycle/value chain

  • Clear criteria for ship orders
  • Invest in existing tonnage for technical development and maintenance
  • Recycling of ships must always be conducted in accordance with the relevant regulations