Nomination Committee at Concordia Maritime AB prior to 2012 Annual General Meeting

The nomination committee has consisted of Arne Lööw, representative of Fjärde AP Fonden (approx. 5.6% of the shares), Mikael von Mentzer (Deputy Chairman of the company), Karl-Magnus Sjölin, representative of Stena Sessan Rederi AB (approx. 52% of the shares) and chairman of the nomination committee. 

In 2011 and 2012, the nomination committee held two minuted meetings, including one teleconference. The committee has considered the board's evaluation and evaluated the composition of the present board and found that it is functioning smoothly. No areas requiring change or complementing were identified. 

Bert Åke Eriksson has announced that he does not wish to stand for re-election to the board.

The nomination committee proposes that the number of members of the board to be elected be increased from six to seven, that Dan Sten Olsson, Stefan Brocker, Mats Jansson, C. Mikael von Mentzer and Morten Chr. Mo be re-elected as ordinary members, that Carl Johan Hagman and Michael Löw be elected as ordinary members and that Carl Johan Hagman be elected as Chairman of the Board for the period up until the end of next year's AGM.

Carl Johan Hagman (46, maritime lawyer) is CEO of Stena Rederi AB and has long experience of shipping, most recently as CEO of Höegh Autoliners AS in Norway.

Michael Lööw (61, M.Sc. Economics) with long experience in the oil/energy industry, most recently as President and CEO of Preem AB.

The committee considers that a majority of the proposed board members are independent in relation to the company, its senior management and its shareholders.

The committee proposes that the fees paid to the board members remain unchanged, i.e. SEK 400,000 be paid to the Chairman of the Board and the Deputy Chairman and SEK 225,000 be paid to each of the board members.

The committee also proposes that Johann Kratz be re-elected as auditor and that Jan Malm be re-elected as deputy auditor for a period of one year. Fees to be paid as per approved invoices.

Notice of Attendence