Concordia Maritime presents a web quiz together with Keep Sweden Tidy

This spring, Concordia Maritime started a collaboration with the non-profit organization Keep Sweden Tidy, and during the autumn we organized a coastal cleanup operation in Gothenburg. Now we present a web quiz with the common goal to illuminate and spread knowledge about marine littering and its consequences for the environment.

Since Concordia Maritime’s activity is sea-based, we have a strong commitment to the issue of marine littering. The world’s oceans are rapidly becoming full of litter, one of the biggest environmental problems in our time. If we do not act now, there will be more litter than fish in the sea in the year 2050. In the web quiz, which can be found on the websites of both Concordia Maritime and Keep Sweden Tidy, as well as via social channels, you can test your knowledge of litter and plastic in the sea. Here you can also learn more about what kind of litter is most dangerous for marine life, and find out what the biggest source of microplastics in the sea is. Additionally, you can access an international knowledge bank via the website.

Link to the web quiz:

”It is very important for us to provide knowledge, and increase the awareness of how littering affects our oceans and our environment. We are happy for the collaboration with Keep Sweden Tidy and hope that as many people as possible will do the web quiz and spread it to others”, says Ola Helgesson, CFO Concordia Maritime.

For more information, please contact:

Kim Ullman
Concordia Maritime 
Tel: 031 855003
Mobile: 0704 855003   
Ola Helgesson
Concordia Maritime
Tel: 031 855009 
Mobile: 0704 85 50 09   

Joakim Brodahl
General Manager
Keep Sweden Clean
Tel: 08 505 263 00
Mobile: 070 728 64 50

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